Oregon Agriculture: U pick farms, Wineries, and Farmers' Markets
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Snowshoeing up at Mt. Hood
Cosmic tubing at Mt Hood Skibowl
The past comes back to life
Couple lounging in a lovely rental cabin near Mt Hood
World of Speed museum host many classic cars
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U Pick Farms, Wineries, Farmers' Markets

Breweries in Oregon's Mt Hood TerritoryChristmas Trees in Oregon's Mt Hood TerritoryFarm Stores in Oregon's Mt Hood TerritoryFarmers Markets in Oregon's Mt Hood TerritoryGardens, Farms, Nurseries in Oregon's Mt Hood TerritoryHorses in Oregon's Mt Hood TerritoryPumpkin Picks in Oregon's Mt Hood TerritoryU-Pick Farms in Oregon's Mt Hood TerritoryWineries in Oregon's Mt Hood Territory

Come experience our Country Pleasures. The rolling countryside of the North Willamette Valley and scenic vistas of Mt. Hood are truly a Feast for the Senses, as experienced on our Farm Loops. Fill your basket at our farmers markets, or spend an afternoon sipping crisp wines at boutique wineries. Spring and summer blooms spectacular colors of fabulous flowers, nursery products, and lush green fields. Autumn paints a colorful display of fall foliage and bright orange pumpkins welcome the perfect pumpkin picks. The holiday season invites a trip to the farm for creating memories of the family's U-Cut Christmas Tree.