We Want You To Take Care Out There

No matter when you visit Mt. Hood Territory, you're set to have a great time. Each season presents its own list of things you should know to ensure your trip is as good as possible. Monty Hood, the Mt. Hood Territory River Otter, just loves telling people what they "Otter Do" to make sure they stay safe and enjoy their adventures. 

You Otter Get A Guide

Want to have the most fun and learn about this incredible area at the same time? You "otter" get a guide! Mt. Hood Outfitters knows all the best trails for guided hiking tours on Mt. Hood. And when it comes to water play there are a number of outfitters who will show you a great time kayaking, whitewater rafting or stand-up paddleboarding. 

You Otter Visit Midweek

If you're looking to visit the mountain and enjoy fewer crowds, then you "otter" visit midweek. Not only will you enjoy less people on the trails and easier traffic, but you can also find more activities and more camping options. Plus with fewer people you're also putting less strain on infrastructure and on the natural surroundings. 

You Otter Ride Mt. Hood Express

Want to enjoy the beauty of Mt. Hood without worrying about driving? Then you "otter" catch a ride on the Mt. Hood Express. The Mt. Hood Express benefits locals and visitors alike, providing year-round transportation to one of Oregon's most beautiful areas while reducing traffic on our roads while increasing access to outdoor recreation opportunities. 

Not only that, but each bus is equipped with bike trailers in the spring, summer and fall, and storage space for all your outdoor gear in the winter.

You Otter Wear A Life Jacket

Personal floatation devices, or life jackets, can save lives and in many situations are required by law. So you "otter" wear a life jacket. Life jackets are available for any boating activity and the Oregon State Marine Board has lots of information on how to choose the correct one for you and your family.

You Otter View Wildlife From A Distance

Many species of amphibians, birds, butterflies and mammals can be found in Mt. Hood National Forest. You "otter" view wildlife from a safe distance. Use binoculars or a camera with zoom to view animals. This will help to protect you as well as them.

You Otter Ask A Ranger

Did you know that the Mt. Hood area is filled with experts on the local trail and wilderness areas? That's right, you "otter" ask a ranger for tips when you're planning your travels. They can help make sure you're properly prepared to have a safe and wonderful time exploring our area. Local ranger stations include: 

You Otter Stay On Trail

Mt. Hood Territory has a vast trails system for visitors of all experience levels. Trek your way to breath-taking landscapes, fields of wildflowers, top-notch bird watching, spectacular waterfalls and summer huckleberry picking. But you "otter" stay on trail. Going off trail can damage or kill certain plant and animal species, and can hurt the ecosystems that surround the trail. Always practice Leave No Trace principles: Leave rocks, vegetation, and artifacts where you find them for others to enjoy.

You Otter Be Prepared

Weather on Mt. Hood can change quickly no matter the season. You "otter" be prepared for anything by remembering to pack the 10 essentials

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