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From paddling to hiking, skydiving to snowmobiling, local guides throughout Mt. Hood Territory offer fun, authentic experiences that will provide you memories even beyond the activities themselves. Why go with a guide, you ask? 

  1. Plan less and play more (safety first!). No need to pack gear. They'll have it all waiting for you, including lifejackets and other safety equipment. Not sure what to bring? They'll send you a list.
  2. Support local. Not only will you be help the guide businesses and employees, you'll also help the community's economy, especially if you visit nearby shops and restaurants, which our guides know best.
  3. Protect the outdoors. It's more important than ever to care for our environment. Guides will give you all the tips, so you know and have peace of mind that you are treading lightly on Mother Nature.
  4. Gain exclusive access. Local swimming holes. Bigfoot's favorite hangouts. Our guides know our destination better than anyone and are happy to give you the inside scoop. Note: You will be sworn to secrecy! 
  5. Get the full story. Indigenous petroglyphs. Edible flowers. Your guide will ensure you get that complete picture about everything that makes the place your experiencing special.

Our friends at Travel Oregon agree that the best way to experience Oregon is by going with a guide.

And if you do want to venture out on your own, our outfitters will make sure you have the gear and knowledge for a great, safe trip!

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