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Snowshoeing up at Mt. Hood
Cosmic tubing at Mt Hood Skibowl
The past comes back to life
Couple lounging in a lovely rental cabin near Mt Hood
World of Speed museum host many classic cars

Barlow Road-Tollgates and Laurel Hill Chute

The Barlow Road is the overland route of the Oregon Trail into the Willamette Valley. Interpretive signs along the way will give you a sense of what the pioneers went through at the end of their journey to Oregon. Known as Oregon Trail on National Register of Historical Places (1992). West Barlow tollgate between mileposts 44 and 45 on Hwy 26. This is a replica of the last tollgate operated on the Barlow Road, next to a maple planted around 1883 and designated as a Heritage Tree in 2008. Laurel Hill, between mileposts 50 and 51, a short trail leads to Laurel Chute, where emigrants used ropes and sheer strength to lower their wagons down the nearly vertical slope. Picnic area at toll gate site and view of Zig Zag River.
Beginning of Barlow Road - Oregon Trail Route
Beginning of Barlow Road - Oregon Trail RouteTollgate along Oregon TrailTree growing in the path along the Oregon Trail

70220 Highway 26
Zig Zag, OR 97049

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