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Brochure Distribution

CCTCA operates the Oregon City Regional Visitor Information Center (RVIC) and Satellite VICs along the Mt. Hood Hwy 26 corridor that are open 7 days a week, in addition to the Mobile Visitor Info Center (MVIC) which travels throughout the Territory attending festival and events. Visitors stop in at our Visitor Information Centers looking for suggestions on places to stay, eat, shop and play.

The RVICs and Satellite VICs offer space for brochure distribution FREE OF CHARGE to tourism related businesses within Clackamas County. It is the responsibility of the individual businesses to coordinate a supply for distribution by sending an initial supply of their brochures to the Visitor Centers. The Visitor Center staff will contact the businesses for an additional supply when they run low. In addition, most Chambers of Commerce have visitor information on display and have brochure display policies based on membership. Be sure to check with your Chambers to learn about membership benefits.

Melanie Proctor has an independent contract with CCTCA to manage the fulfillment mail center. She provides the fulfillment for all visitor inquiries (mail, phone, website, and bulk brochure mailing), in addition to maintaining the CCTCA database of all visitor inquiries. Contact Melanie for ordering a bulk supply of our current guides and brochures.

Melanie Proctor

PO Box 282

Brightwood, OR 97011


503-622-1645 Fax (call ahead)

Info Centers and Chambers are welcome to submit inquiries for mail fulfillment to our Contractor for her to handle the mail response and compile the visitor’s contact information into the CCTCA database. Contact Jeannine Breshears for more information, jeannine@mthoodterritory.com or 503-655-8419.