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The central element of an entity’s identity is its logo. Consistent application and precise production quality of Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory logo is essential to building a strong and positive image with the public. The following guidelines graphically illustrate Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory logo standards for color, spacing, and usage. For examples please download our brand guidelines.


CCTCA partners have permission to download and use the logo at no charge. Download the available logos files below. For assistance in obtaining a different file version, contact Ithaca Janzen at 503-655-8465.

Download Agreement

You may use the images for purposes of joint public relations and advertisement, and to show a mutually agreed to alliance/partnership relationship. Using them for other than Oregon ’s Mt. Hood Territory/CCTCA related business, particularly adaptation of the images for your own corporate or personal purposes is not acceptable. You are not allowed to use the logo images to produce any retail products including t-shirts, mugs, posters and other items for resale or giveaway. If we contact you regarding misuse, you will agree to immediately cease using the images within two business days. When you download an image you have accepted this agreement.

Unacceptable Logo Usage

The logo image cannot be altered or distorted in any way. Do not alter the logo colors. Do not redraw or recreate the logo.

Logo Staging and Minimum Size

The logo should always be reproduced from approved electronic files. It should never be scanned or reproduced from previously printed materials, as this process reduces overall reproduction quality.

Clear Space: Maintain a minimum of 1/2 " of space around all sides of the logo or enough space so the logo will not be construed to be a part of any other logo, graphic or text.

Minimum Size: The recommended minimum size for Oregon ’s Mt. Hood Territory logo usage is 1-1/4" wide with the tag line 2" wide. Any smaller size use makes the logo type illegible.


The logo is available for use in Greyscale, White, and Color. The preference is to always use the white logo over a photo or solid color background. If placed on white please use the color logo. If you are printing in black and white use the greyscale logo. The color use in the logo is as follows:

CMYK for the logo color is C-87-40-47-13
Pantone for the logo is PMS- 322-U

White logo with tagline

(Please note that the gray background is only included on the image above for display purposes)
Download the web version
Download the EPS version

Color logo with tagline

Download the web version
Download the EPS version

Greyscale logo with tagline

Download the web version
Download the EPS version

Color logo with tagline and URL

Download the web version
Download the EPS version

Transparent logo with tagline and URL

Download the web version
Download the EPS version


explorers welcomesm — Use of the tagline is optional, but preferred if space allows, it should always remain in lower case.

Service Mark

The service mark (SM) must always appear after the logo word “Territory”. If the tagline is used, the service mark (SM) must appear after the word “welcome”.


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