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Expansive field of rows of multi-varieties of pink, white, purple, yellow and red tulips at Woodburn's Wooden Shoe tulip Fest

Tulip Festival Signals Spring

Molly Johnson | 03/04/2019 | Canby, Farms & Wineries, Flowers & Nurseries

35th Annual Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in 2019 has concluded. Come back to visit in Spring 2020!


The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival signals the arrival of spring in Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory. I know because my news feed fills up with gorgeous photos of friends and family in front of tulips, tractors and on a clear day, Mt. Hood in the background....which makes my heart happy. The festival is the annual event put on by the family-owned Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. Owner Barb Iverson continues to up the ante each year with their offerings, so the fun is always growing as fast as the flowers.

The festival offers endless rows of tulips in numerous varieties and colors over its 40 acres of dream-like beauty, plus an abundance of fun activities, food carts and the Tulip Market. The large gift shop has numerous souvenirs and a large assortment of tulip bulbs for you to plant in your own yard. If you can’t decide while at the festival, you can shop their online catalog once you are back home. 

Mark your calendars and head to the festival to experience this amazing scene for yourself, taking place March 23 through May 5 this year. Weekends have become incredibly popular, so I encourage you to follow my lead and visit during the week for smaller crowds and better photo taking opportunities. Utilize the helpful links below to plan ahead for the best experience for your group. 

*Daily Mid-Week Activities: Enjoy the glorious tulip fields and beds, gardens, tram and hay wagon rides, children's play area, cow train, field train, onsite food and coffee, vineyard tasting room, some craft market vendors, tulip market and greenhouse. 

*Weekend Activity Additions: Watch the wooden shoe making demonstrations, all craft market vendors, tulip and cow meet and greets, wine wagon farm tour (21+), and other activities listed in the weather dependent category. 

*Weather Dependent: Some activities and offerings are only available in good weather, like the steam tractor demonstrations, local balloon artists, pony rides, jump tents and hot air balloons, so check their Field Report page and save the link to check back for new information daily, and check their Facebook page for more updates. Call the Hot Air Balloon Hotline to check their status every morning: 503-877-4693

*Vineyard: The Wooden Shoe Vineyards Tasting Room is open 7 days a week, 10 am - 4 pm. The newly renovated space is great to sample a flight or purchase a wine sippy cup from the gift shop to sample your wine without spill while navigating through the fields. 

*Parking: $5 per person, $20 per vehicle max (regardless of the number of people in your vehicle) Check their page for all rate details

*Get the season pass or photographers pass for early and easy access.

The photogenic fields and vineyard are a wonderful place for a family and friend get-together or a romantic stroll with your sweetie no matter the weather. The colors are always awe-inspiring and the atmosphere is inspirational. Be sure to use #omht on your social shares of the trip so we can follow along.

Molly Johnson grew up in Mt. Hood Territory and loves getting to write content inspiring others to visit her beloved home. She is currently generating content for and for the #omht Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest channels. 

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