Bar stools sit against a long wooden tea counter. The wall behind the counter is lined with glass jars full of loose leaf tea. Lighting casts a warm glow in the empty dining room.
04/23/2024 | Food & Drink, Happy Valley

Where To Find Your Perfect Cup Of Tea In Happy Valley

The town of Happy Valley, located minutes from Portland via I-205, offers a steaming cup of excitement for tea lovers. From charming tea rooms to bursting boba creations, these unique experiences go way beyond your average tea bag. Discover the steeper side and find your perfect cup at these Happy Valley tea houses.

Cup of Tea: Your Community Tea Haven

Cup of Tea is more than just a shop – it's a community hub for tea lovers. Their warm and welcoming atmosphere is matched only by their mind-boggling selection of loose-leaf teas. Not sure where to start? Their knowledgeable staff will be your friendly tea guide, walking you through the extensive menu and helping you discover your new favorite cup.

At Cup of Tea you'll also find a selection of board games, teaware for sale and fun events. They also offer a special Tea of the Season program that lets you sip your tea and make a difference. With every purchase of this seasonal tea, 15% of the sale goes to a charitable organization. So, enjoy a delicious cup and feel good knowing you're doing good too.

Elka Bees Coffee & Bakery: A Taste of England in Happy Valley

Elka Bees Coffee & Bakery owner Christine Richards, with her extensive experience in English restaurants and hotels, brings a touch of London to Happy Valley.

Elka Bees offers two distinct experiences. In the bustling cafe, you can grab a quick cup of tea or coffee. Or, escape the everyday and step into their charming English Tea Room, a haven of peace and quiet perfect for a relaxing afternoon. Reservations are required, so plan ahead for this delightful escape.

Feeling fancy? Indulge in their decadent English High Tea service, available on weekends. Picture yourself surrounded by delicate finger sandwiches, fluffy scones with clotted cream and British jams, and an assortment of sweet treats – all paired perfectly with your choice of tea. It's a delightful ritual perfect for a special occasion or a solo relaxation session.

Bobo Bubble Tea and Coffee: The Boba Wonderland

Bobo Bubble Tea and Coffee is your Happy Valley headquarters for all things boba. Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, is famous for its chewy tapioca pearls that provide a burst of flavor in every sip. At Bobo, customers can customize a wide selection of milk teas, fruit teas and yogurt drinks with different boba flavors and other enhancements like jellies and cheese cream toppings. Milk tea with flavors like brown sugar, strawberry and thai rank as some of the most popular menu items.

You can also get your boba fix in the Happy Valley Food Carts at Bobablastic, which serves up an astonishing 6000+ combinations of ingredients.

So, next time you're looking for things to do in the area, get your pick-me-up by exploring the world of loose-leaf delights, pampering yourself with a fancy English High Tea, or diving into the world of customizable boba flavors. There's a tea shop in Happy Valley for every mood and taste bud – all you need to do is choose your adventure!

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