Tandem Skydivers are centered in the frame contrasted against a bright blue sky. Above them we see the plane they just jumped from.
01/16/2020 (Updated: 01/30/2024) | Featured on Homepage, Sky Play

5 Ways To Take A Leap This Leap Day

Leap Day only happens once every four years, so it's a great time to "take a leap" yourself and try something new. Here are five fun things to do in Mt. Hood Territory to help you get the most out of an extra day in the year.

1. Paint the Town (and Your Friends) at Splat Action in Molalla

Remember being a kid and running around playing Nerf gun battles? Splat Action in Molalla is the adult version of that, and it's even more fun. This is a great place for beginners and experts, as they have 47 acres of varying terrain options. You can even rent every piece of gear necessary to have a battle, so there's no need to purchase any expensive stuff before finding out if this is your new, most favorite pastime ever. Bring friends or coworkers for a bonding experience, or head in solo and get paired up. Either way, it's a blast.  

2. Race into Fun at Pat's Acres

Driving around at 50+ miles per hour may not sound that fast to you, unless you're one of the unfortunate rush hour commuters... and then it sounds like a blistering pace. But trust us when we tell you that cruising down a straightaway at over 50 mph feels like lightspeed in a racing go-kart at Pat's Acres Racing Complex outside of Canby

Come solo or bring a friend and race against each other and the clock to see just who has the most skill. If it turns out you're a pro in the making, you can join their Rental Kart Super Series league and race regularly. 

3. Spring into Whitewater Rafting

The Wild and Scenic Clackamas River is known for its rafting options, as many people come here during the summer to tackle class III and IV rapids only an hour from Portland. Spring tours are open for booking, however, and provide an even more thrilling experience as the water is running at much higher levels. 

Blue Sky Rafting starts operating tours at the end of February, and it makes for a great way to challenge yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone. (This is said with absolute experience, by the way.) If you'd like to try something a bit more placid, then check out the options with Clackamas River Outfitters who can give you experiences on flatwater to smaller class I and II rapids. eNRG Kayaking also offers rafting trips on the Clackamas River at class I and II, as well as class III+.

4. Take a Literal Leap with Skydive Oregon

Skydive Oregon takes Leap Day to a literal level! This world-renowned skydiving schools in Molalla is one of the best out there. Remember how we talked about the views from the top of Mt. Hood? Now just imagine how amazing they are several thousand feet above that! It's a life changing experience and one of the most impressive ways you can take advantage of that extra day this year to live your best life in Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory. 

5. Get Zen at Original Goat Yoga

Maybe you want to leave the leaping to someone else... like a goat? If your interests are more Zen in nature, you won't want to miss the therapeutic qualities of farm life at Original Goat Yoga in Oregon City. They offer a range of themed public events and private events. Bonding with the goats while engaging in yoga poses and stretches is a special experience that is good for the mind, body and soul. Smiles and laughter are impossible to avoid!

Mt. Hood Territory is full of adventurous and exciting things to do not just on February 29, but all year long. Sign up for our newsletter to get ideas sent straight to your inbox!

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