Oregon Trail game

Play the Oregon Trail game

Jarrod Lyman | 11/17/2017 | Featured on Homepage, Heritage, Oregon Trail

Time to ramp that nostalgia up to 11, remember the old Oregon Trail game? Now you can play it right here. 



You know Oregon must be kind of a big deal when thousands upon thousands of people spent months walking here. I know people who won't even walk across the room for something to eat, so trekking here for six months means there must have been quite the incentive.

The Oregon Trail is hitting a milestone of sorts in 2018, marking 175 years since more than half a million people embarked what's been described as the largest human migration in history. People braved all sorts of dangers to claim their piece of free land in the Oregon Territory, and that journey ended right here in Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory.

Oregon City was the final destination for the families who braved the wilderness trying to realize their own Oregon dream. These settlers gathered at what became known as Abernethy Green in Oregon City, which is now the location of the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. So you see, we quite literally are the end of the Oregon Trail. 

Numerous events are in the works to honor this 175th anniversary. Keep checking back here as we'll be announcing them as they come ready. In the mean time, feel free to reminisce about our good old days at the computer lab in school, where we'd boot up The Oregon Trail game and frantically try not to die of dysentery. 

Game hosting compliments the Internet Archive.

Jarrod Lyman has more than 13 years tourism experience. He is currently loving his job overseeing content for the #omht Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest

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