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Magherita pizza from Ivy Bear Pizzeria at Alder Creek on way to/from Mt. Hood
Jarrod Lyman | 03/02/2019 |

Pi Day (Pizza) Pie

5 pizzas all cooking at one time in wood oven at Oregon Citys Mi Famiglia Wood Oven Pizzeria in Oregons Mt Hood Territory

Happy Pi Day! For those who don't remember high school math, Pi has something to do with measuring circles and stuff. (Okay, I don't remember high school math much myself.) But I do remember that Pi, to the first two decimal places, is 3.14. Today's date? March 14, or 3.14. Pi day! What better way to celebrate than with some delicious pie. Now lots of people are talking about sweet treats. And we get that, we have a lot of awesome bakeries here that will serve you some scrumptious pie as well as a whole host of other dessert favorites. But we wanted to take Pi Day to a different place, and we're honestly thinking about lunch right now, so we're craving some delicious pizza pie. And as you probably guessed by now, we have some favorite spots for that. 

There are so many great pizza places in Mt. Hood Territory that we actually have an entire food category devoted just to the delicious dish. Mi Famiglia is located in the heart of downtown Oregon City, and is known for their amazing wood-fired pizzas. Open for lunch and dinner, it's a great stop to refuel when browsing the various stores and boutiques along the city's mainstreet. My personal favorite is known as Kyle's Favorite. Try it, and you'll see why Kyle digs it so much. 

For a good, country-style ambiance combined with an artist's touch to pizza-making, try Ivy Bear Pizzeria north of Sandy. Chef Scott Olsen is known for combining traditional Italian techniques and recipes with fresh ingredients and new styles to create delicious and unique pizzas. Proving that big flavor can come from small places, the Crust food truck at Happy Valley Station delivers some truly amazing pizza creations. The Margherita is awesome and the personal favorite of a few members of my family. I lean towards the Meat Lover's, but haven't had a pie I haven't loved yet. 

If you're heading up towards Mt. Hood and feeling the need for some pizza, then stop by the Zigzag Inn in Welches. While they have a full and diverse menu with various dining options, the pizza choices are plentiful, with 23 different delicious pies to choose from. Standards like pepperoni, meat lover's and even Hawaiian are on there, as well as a taco pizza, one topped with Oregon shrimp, pineapple and olives and another with garlic chicken and alfredo sauce. There are plenty of choices to keep you coming back, and with how fantastic they all are, you definitely will. 

Rhododendron is another town of the beautiful Villages of Mt. Hood, and has what many feel is the best pizza on the mountain: Al Forno Ferruzza. Think authentic, sicilian style cooked to perfection in a brick oven. The Ratskeller in Government Camp is known as the best apres-ski bar in Oregon, and I'm convinced their pizza has a lot to do with that. The Rat's Famous Pizza is actually a huge selection of pies, with everything from standards like four cheese and pepperoni to more unique selections such as BBQ chicken, pesto or the "Bleu Bird" which is topped with artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, onions and bleu cheese crumbles. Apparently skiing makes people want pizza, because another great spot is also in Government Camp: Glacier Haus Bistro. They have an excellent menu, but the pizza is a mainstay for many visitors who return here time and again for a slice (or three) of pie. 

Feel like a little wine with your pizza? Enjoy a tasting at Christopher Bridge Winery. Great wines are paired with specialty pizzas baked in their brick oven as you enjoy heartfelt conversation with the winemaker himself, all while taking in gorgeous Willamette Valley views. McMenamin's Old Church and Pub in Wilsonville is famous for it's unique venue and outstanding craft beers, but you're missing out if you haven't tried their pizza. The housemade dough really makes these pies something special, plus gluten-free or vegan diners can substitute a crust that meets their needs and is still delicious. The Old Church Special is a sure-bet, featuring salami, Canadian bacon, sausage, red onion and black olives. 

If you're cruising Milwaukie's downtown area, check out the Beer Store. They've got a whole selection of flatbread pizzas. Of course, there's a terrific selection of beers to choose from, which means you'll find the perfect pizza-beer pairing. Granted it's kind of hard to find a good match for those two... Across the river in Lake Oswego you'll find another favorite for locals and visitors alike: Deno's Pizza. They've been around since the 80's, so you know they must be doing something right. Choose from a huge selection of traditional favorites or delicious specialties, including gluten-free options. 

Do you have another favorite pizzeria in The Territory we haven't mentioned? Let us know in the comments. There are certainly plenty to choose from. Happy Pi Day!  

Jarrod has been working in the tourism industry for more than 15 years. He helps develop strategy for Mt. Hood Territory web content as well as their social channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, and works with local media promoting the amazing attractions here. He likes cake. 

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