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century old maple trees at the Barlow Road Tollgate Oregon's Mount Hood Territory
06/22/2022 | Arts & Heritage, Heritage

Heritage Trail App Marks 175+ Years Since Barlow Road's Construction

2021 was the 175th anniversary of the Oregon Trail's famous Barlow Road section that, for many, replaced the perilous float down the Columbia River to finish their months-long journey. The Mt. Hood Territory Heritage Trail App lets you experience all of this history without having to ford a single river. 

As anyone who grew up playing the Oregon Trail game knows, the journey was fraught with numerous perils. You can hear the stories of pioneers who made that journey and the important milestones along the Barlow Road, which was the final stretch of that difficult journey.

Mt. Hood Territory Heritage Trail app logos

The Mt. Hood Territory Heritage Trail App gives travelers who enjoy learning the history of a place the chance to explore and learn about these places and the people behind them. The latest update specifically calls out highlights along the Oregon Trail that you can visit to this day. The app guides visitors to locations, such as Jonsrud Viewpoint, which is now known for offering one of the best photo ops of Mt. Hood around. From there you can also see the path Oregon Trail pioneers and their wagons took over the imposing mountain. Also on the trail is Laurel Hill, which was described by many of the pioneers who braved the trail as the most difficult part of the journey. Wagons would descend a 60% grade with the help of ropes and chains attached to trees to slow the descent. 

The experience offered by the Heritage Trail App is an immersive one, giving explorers the chance to not only hear those stories, but find new locations they didn't know about, while also seeing images of these sites today and from the past. From the somber tale at the Pioneer Woman's Grave to the relief weary pioneers felt when they first saw Philip Foster Farm, there are numerous stories to hear. 

You can download the app both on iTunes and Google Play, or visit the sites with help from your phone's browser and start exploring today. 

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