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Jarrod Lyman | 02/24/2022 | Biking

5 Great Mountain Biking Trails In Mt. Hood Territory

NOTE: Mt. Hood Skibowl's mountain biking facilities are closed for the 2022 summer season.

Montain biking Sandy Ridge Trail Mt. Hood

One of the great things about having a mountain is that it creates awesome mountain biking trails. From beginners to experts, there are some great rides in Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory that will get your heart pumping, as well as some adrenaline. 

Sandy Ridge Trail System: The Sandy Ridge Trail System shows what can happen when agencies and the mountain biking community come together. The end result here is a world-class series of trails that attract riders from all over. Choose from numerous singletrack trails ranging in length from .75-mile to five-miles. All told there are more than 20-miles of trails at all levels of difficulty. The courses wind through gorgeous forests and along streams, so be sure to capture a bit of scenery while enjoying the ride.

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Mt. Hood Skibowl: Take in the view as the 1,500 foot chairlift transports you (and your bike) up to Mt. Hood Adventure Park's, Mountain Bike Park. There are numerous trails to choose from, totaling more than 40 miles of two-wheeled adventure, with plenty of options for beginners and experts alike. The trails are well-marked and wide, and consist of packed dirt, gravel and wooden sections. Riders looking to further test their skills may want to check out the freestyle park, where you can catch some serious air. If you're new tot he sport, visit the Bike Learning Center or BLC. Their trained staff will instill the skills you need to hit the trails with confidence and safety, so you can have a blast. It's the only conveyor assisted skills area for mountain bikes in the entire country. Skibowl also recently completed work on a 1.5 mile-long singletrack up at the top of Upper Skibowl. Named the Sunrise Trail, the views up here are as amazing as the ride is. Bring a camera, it'll be worth stopping for a moment to get a shot... or three. 

Pioneer Bridle Trail: This is an 8-mile trail the connects the village of Government Camp with Rhododendron. The single-track ride includes some technical, rocky segments, so this one is better for more experienced riders. Those who do brave this trail will be cycling through some dense, lush forests. To get some really killer views, not to mention a much more intense ride, make it a 22-mile loop ride by returning to the beginning via Still Creek Road. 

Cross Town Trail: Looking to get from one end of Government Camp to the other? Of course you could drive there, but why take the car when this awesome mountain biking trail exists instead? This 3-mile trail is perfect for "adventurous novices" with its rolling terrain and 400 foot climb. At the eastern start you're surrounded by mostly lodge-pole pine, while those eventually give way to Douglas fir, red cedar and hemlock. This trail also intersects with a number of other popular routes, like Maggie's Trail and Skiway Trail, making it easy to extend your ride. 

Timothy Lake Loop: This is a multiuse trail, so you may also encounter hikers and horseback riders. That said, the views from this loop make it worth sharing the road. The trail follows the shores of Timothy Lake, granting some stunning panoramas of Mt. Hood reflected in the lake's calm waters. Add to your ride the Miller Trail, Headwaters Trail and Old 1916 Trail for a sweet 15-mile trek through some of the most gorgeous country you'll ever see. 

Timberline Bike Park: The newest trails in the list, Timberline Lodge & Ski Area has truly transformed into a year-round destination with the addition of their list-assisted bike park.  With nearly a dozen different trails, ranging from easy to difficult and freeride to technical, the options here have quickly made Timberline a top spot for mountain bikers looking to get in on the action. They also offer rentals and lessons, making it the perfect spot to go if you're just trying to get into the sport. 

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Bike Services 

One of the best things about a mountain biking adventure in The Territory is you don't have to go it alone. We have a wealth of services catering specifically to bike enthusiasts. From Bike Friendly businesses to bike shops, tour guides and other services that will keep you on two wheels throughout your journey. Since it will take at least a weekend to explore all these trails, allow us to suggest a few nearby lodging options that will make the perfect base of operations for your mountain biking adventure. We have some great hotels and motels that run the full range from full-service to budget-friendly, awesome vacation rentals if you're coming up with a group of friends or family, and plenty of camping if you're more into roughing it. We even have some bed and breakfast options if you'd like to pair that mountain biking trip with a little romance as well. See you on the trails!

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