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Snowshoeing up at Mt. Hood
Cosmic tubing at Mt Hood Skibowl
The past comes back to life
Couple lounging in a lovely rental cabin near Mt Hood
World of Speed museum host many classic cars
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Art Galleries, Museums, and Walking Tours

Art Galleries in Oregon's Mt Hood TerritoryCultural Centers in Oregon's Mt Hood TerritoryMuseums and Interpretive Sites in Oregon's Mt Hood TerritoryPerforming Arts in Oregon's Mt Hood TerritoryPublic Arts in Oregon's Mt Hood Territory. Walking Tours in Oregon's Mt Hood Territory. The Happy Trails Mural, Lead artist Eileen Belanger, Painted by the Artback in 2006

From Indie-Roots music Festival "Pickathon" to the multi-day "Festival of the Arts" to generations of rich pioneer heritage, Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory has stories old and new to share. Native Americans settled in the foothills of Mt. Hood and throughout the fertile river valleys thousands of years before homesteaders made their way over the Oregon Trail and Barlow Road with the promise of "Free land in Oregon." Explore the paths that the original pioneers traveled. Take a trip like no other as you visit the historical sites, museums, cultural centers, public art & murals, and festivals held year 'round.