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Co-op Advertising Program

July 2016 - June 2017

CCTCA has a cooperative advertising program to promote tourism-related experiences in Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory. Our tourism partners can select from digital and print placements. See the Co-Op Advertising Program Details.  Participation is open to tourism-related festivals/events, businesses, and experiences in Clackamas County. 

Links to the Online Forms:

View the HOW TO VIDEO to learn more about the program, specifically Facebook.


Travel Portland Visitor’s Guide (2017 Annual) 

Travel Oregon Visitor’s Guide (2017 Annual) 





$250 Option

$500 Option 

CCTCA reserves the right to administer the cooperative advertising program under the following guidelines:

• Sign up, material submission and payment must be completed through an Online Form (use links below).

• Completing this form will secure your commitment and participation in the publication, so please have your materials ready to submit all at once. 

• This process is a first-come, first-serve for all partners so you need to complete your form prior to the deadline date.

• We are asking for payment at the time of submission. This form allows you the option to pay by credit card, debit, PayPal account, or you can request to pay off an invoice (by check). Please note that invoice payments need to be submitted prior to the print deadline in order to be included. We will not accept late payments. Invoices and payments are conducted through Border, Perrin, Norrander (BPN), our advertising agency.

• "Criteria preference" priority will be given to projects funded through the Community Partnership Program (CPP) and businesses related to theme-based publications.  Staff will maintain a waiting list of interested partners to fill any vacancies, cancellations and changes.

QUESTIONS:  Email Molly Johnson or call 503-655-8421. She can assist with questions or issues with completing the online form.

Examples of various formats of previous Co-op advertising are available in the Co-Op Advertising Program Details. Additional co-op advertising may be added and adjusted as needed throughout the year. If you have suggestions for co-op advertising placements, please contact Molly Johnson or call 503-655-8421.