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Media Assistance

Request Assistance

To request assistance with your visit to Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory, please email Mt. Hood Territory's PR representative Annie Bailey at annie@mthoodterritory.com. Please state whether you are interested in a trip to Mt. Hood Territory as part of a story assignment or as a research trip. 

Staff Travel Journalists

If you are a travel journalist or editor working as paid staff at a magazine, newspaper, website, travel radio and/or travel television program, please submit your outlet and contact information, as well as requested trip dates and any Mt. Hood Territory experiences you are particularly insterested in learning about. If you are on assignment, please also include story details. 

Freelance Travel Journalists

If you are a freelance travel journalist or photographer on assignment, please submit a letter of assignment and your editor's contact information. Freelance travel journalists without specific assignments may submit four to five travel articles published within the past 12 months in mainstream travel publications and carrying the journalists byline. Submitted clips must be bylined and dated.