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| 12/06/2021 | Food, Food & Drink, Happy Valley

Women Business Owners Crafting History In Mt. Hood Territory

Meet just a few of the women business owners who contribute to the everyday growth and value of their communities and economies throughout Mt. Hood Territory.

Kitchen at Middle Ground Farms (Wilsonville) - Jessica Hansen
Whether you're a home chef or simply a food lover, you will want to spend a day with Chef Jessica Hansen of Kitchen at Middleground Farms. Her sparkling personality and wholesome and holistic approach to food make her classes fun, and even what seems a daunting recipe to learn at first turns out to be as simple as it is delicious. The ingredients are from right there on her family's farm and from neighboring farms, so you know everything will be fresh, seasonal and local. The backstory of how the kitchen came to be is a fascinating one, you can hear it in our Territory Tales podcast.

Fat Cupcakes Angelica Hayes sampling a cupcakeFAT Cupcake (Oregon City, Happy Valley, Portland) – Anjelica Hayes
Anjelica Hayes opened Fat Cupcake in Oregon City in the fall of 2017. She had no professional culinary training and learned from experimenting in her kitchen, watching YouTube videos and searching Google. Since opening her first location, sales have exploded, and her business has grown to a second and third location. She's selling more than 1,500 cupcakes a day to a hungry clientele who crave her sweet and savory creations. She is always creating new flavors and combinations and designing cupcakes that are as tasty as they are beautiful. See her in action from our Facebook Live video.

Kyra’s Bake Shop (Lake Oswego) – Kyra Bussanich
Kyra Bussanich owns Kyra's Bake Shop in downtown Lake Oswego, which is a completely gluten free facility. She developed the bakery and the recipes out of her own necessity before gluten free was really a part of the larger conversation. Kyra had spent many years battling serious stomach issues, and doctors had tried a variety of treatments without results. She decided to cut gluten from her diet as a last effort and before she knew it her condition was improving. Kyra believed in her recipes so much that she took them to the hit Food Network show, "Cupcake Wars" and won. She was invited back on the show, and won again. And then a third time. And then a record fourth time. Kyra is the only four-time winner of Cupcake Wars, and you can experience her genius for yourself at her shop. Everything is amazing, but the cinnamon rolls are simply incredible. 

The Perky Pantry (Oregon City) - Melissa Downs
Melissa is a true pioneer in a city built by pioneers, she's the owner of the first legal food truck in all of Oregon City called The Perky Pantry. Located inside The Hive Taphouse, she serves a wide selection of delicious foods. While all amazing, the Philly Cheesesteak is out of this world, and something that must be tried by everyone at least once. Her pierogi are also delicious; you can see how they're made in our Facebook Live video

Happyrock Coffee (Gladstone) - Lisa Halcom
The small town coffee shop used to be a focal point in a community. Lisa Halcom has kept that spirit alive at Happyrock Coffee Roasters in downtown Gladstone. Lisa became interested in coffee when she was a teenager, she quickly immersed herself in the entire coffee process, falling in love with roasting in particular. She jokes that early in her career people would ask what she was going to do with her life because she couldn't stay in coffee forever, and she'd reply with "Watch me." That passion remained and she purchased Happyrock more than a decade ago and made the already popular shop the thriving epicenter of her community. You can hear her full story in our Territory Tales podcast featuring Lisa. 

Puddin' River Chocolates (Molalla) - Teresa Sasse
Puddin' River Chocolates is the ultimate home made chocolate experience. Teresa Sasse originally opened her popular shop in downtown Canby. A few years ago, however, she relocated the shop to a building adjacent to her family's home. The end result is a charming, welcoming ambiance that makes guests feel at ease. Add in some decadent chocolates, truffles and other goodies and you're pretty much guaranteed to be find yourself in a state of bliss. Teresa credits her Amish heritage for the businesses success, as she has a strong work ethic and devotion to service. You can find her in the shop, continuing to play with her recipes with a smile on her face. Granted when you surrounded by this much goodness, it's hard not to smile. 

The Kitchen at Middleground Farms makes cooking fun and easy as Chef Jessica Hansen and her team show you some truly delicious recipes. 

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