Molly Johnson | 04/18/2019 | Podcast

The Story Behind - Red Hammer Forge

For our fifth episode of our newly launched podcast, Territory Tales, we had a conversation with Bob Denman, previous owner of Red Pig Garden Tools and new owner of Red Hammer Forge. He recently sold his Red Pig Garden Tools sale website to another local talent and has transitioned his store to be called Red Hammer Forge Store where he will still sell some garden tools but also a smattering of all kinds of other tools for house and property. Which means he will still keep his blacksmithing business to create these products by request, but under the new business name of Red Hammer Forge. 

While the transition has already occurred his site will be ready towards the end of Spring so for now all info can be found on her previous site Red Pig Garden Tools or by contacting him at 503-663-9404. 

In this episode, we learned all about the offerings that will be available and the benefits of making custom product. He described how he originally got into blacksmithing and the evolution since. Plus his interesting past and wide range of skills and abilities that are entertaining and enviable. 

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Molly Johnson grew up in Mt. Hood Territory and loves getting to write content inspiring others to visit her beloved home. She is currently generating content for and for the #omht Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest channels. 

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