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Row of colorful gold, green and white speckled truffles surrounded by out-of-focus chocolates at Puddin' River Chocolates

Puddin' River Chocolates opens at new location - old format

Jarrod Lyman | 10/30/2017 | Canby

Puddin River Chocolates

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Puddin' River Chocolates has reopened in their new location about one mile from downtown Canby on Ivy Street.

We last visited Puddin' River Chocolates just before Valentine's Day. What better time to check out chocolate, right? They were planning on closing down that location to move to a new one on their own property. That move has just been completed, with their new space allowing them to really focus their efforts on the wide array of chocolates and other confections they make right on site. From what we tasted, the move was worth it!

Theresa at Puddin' River uses a blend of European chocolates to create something that is so special, so luscious, that it should almost be considered criminal. That chocolate gets used in a wide variety of truffles, toffees, barks and brittles, among numerous other candies, that are little, edible works of art. From seasonal, themed creations to regular favorites, there is always a huge selection of treats to choose from. It may be hard to believe, but they're already working on Christmas candy, so now is the perfect time to get some early holiday shopping out of the way.

If it's going to be too long to bear between your trips to Canby, Theresa does ship as well. You will find the whole selection of offerings at puddinriverchocolates.com. In the mean time, make your way down to the new shop, and prepare to have your mind blown by the beautiful (and tasty) creations of Puddin' River Chocolates.

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Chocolate lovers rejoice! Puddin' River Chocolates has reopened in their new location about one mile from downtown Canby on Ivy Street.We last visited Puddin' River…
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