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01/21/2020 | Farms & Wineries, Other Outdoor Activities

4 Outdoor Yoga Experiences To Try

June 21 is #InternationalYogaDay but Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory has four unique outdoor yoga experiences that can be enjoyed all summer long. No disrespect to the studio scene, but doesn't yoga with a view (and other fun accouterments) sound like a winning combo? And with summer officially in full swing you can experience it for yourself as quickly as you can grab your mat and throw on your LULUs.

1. Yoga + Wine Tasting

One of the most tenured vineyards in Mt. Hood Territory is King's Raven Winery which resides in Oregon City where the views of the valley completely fill your line of site with its natural beauty. Turn 180 degrees and then you are invited into their twinkle-light filled tasting area with rows and rows of beautiful grapes used in their delicious family-made wines. Head there on Thursday nights to take part in their yoga & wine tasting series, a complete hour-long yoga burn followed by wine and cheese pairings, plus discounts on full bottles. I guarantee you'll love it and will want to come back for one of their other tremendously fun events they put on throughout the year.

2. Alpaca Yoga

One of the most popular trends in town is to move your yoga class outside to a farm while accompanying the sweat session with an adorable farm animal. Cue the "awwwww" soundtrack. Yep, here in Mt. Hood Territory you can drastically improve your Tuesday by heading out to Molalla to the calming Alpacas at Marquam Hill Ranch and perfect your Warrior 1 while the sweetest alpacas graze on grass in the background. They might even casually stroll by for a quaint sniff and the whole thing couldn't be more serene. Except maybe if you had a glass of wine, which, oh wait, there is wine! Local, award winning wine at that. They partner with several nearby fantastic wineries to serve wine after class and let you feed the fury friendlies their daily grain. Yes, it's all really as perfect as it sounds. Bonus: if you are needing something extra to relax and relieve the instructor will be offering sound healing events once a month too! For details and to register for either class call owner Jennifer at 503-407-3699

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3. Goat Yoga

If you are more into an upbeat tempo but still love the idea of adorable animals nearby then jump on the goat yoga craze. Goat Yoga in Oregon City offers weekend classes with super playful goats prancing, leaping and even jumping on your back while you try to execute the cat-cow pose. Interacting with animals is great for your mental and physical health as is exercise, so it's a win-win. The classes are delightfully fun and the goats absolutely love affection which makes me swoon at the sight and forget all about my purposeful breathing. And, if the cuteness barometer wasn't already high enough, they've started doing specific baby goat yoga classes. You heard correct... baby goats. I'm just gonna let that percolate for you while I gleefully grin from ear to ear and sign up for class immediately. 

4. Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga

For the ultimate escapade you can try your turn at fulfilling the Eagle pose while floating on the Willamette River. That's right, eNRG Kayaking offers Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga classes at Willamette Park in West Linn and it's every bit as challenging and adventurous as it sounds. While not for the faint of heart, the views of the sparkling water while you center yourself and achieve a brilliant balance of peace and fortitude is pretty darn special. Watch Fox 12's Joe V. give it a whirl, and you'll likely be as impressed as we were with his skills. If you're up for it, it will be a self-empowering experience that will very likely set the stage for more bold experiences in your future. So go out and be awesome. Be sure to share your experiences with our #omht hashtag, so we can marvel at just how amazing you are.

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