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2016 Tourism Tech Symposium Presentations

Mt Hood Territory 101 - Video
-Jim Austin
Instagram: Take advantage of the fastest growing Social Media channel - Video
-Jarrod Lyman
Make SEO work for you - Video
-Daniel Gering
Integrated Marketing: Content Strategy
-Emily Forsha and Kate Jorgensen 
Facebook: How to boost posts as part of your Social Media strategy - Video 
-Jarrod Lyman 
Influencer Panel - Video
- Barb Iverson, Morgan Grether, Marlyn Jayme Schotland

About Us

FY 2016-17 CCTDC Business Plan (PDF)
FY 2015-16 CCTDC Business Plan (PDF)
FY 2012 Transient Room Tax Registered Establishments (PDF)
Database for HSC Review (.xlsx)


Clackamas County TRT Ordinance (PDF)
CCTDC Bylaws (PDF)
CCTDC Policy & Procedures (PDF)
2002 Destination Vision & Strategic Planning (PDF)
2002 Destination Audit (PDF)

CCTDC Master Plan 2012-2017 (PDF)
CCTDC Master Plan 2007-2012 (PDF)
CCTDC Master Plan 2000 (PDF)

Partner Services

Heritage Capital Improvements Grant
Heritage Grants Overview (PDF)
Capital Grants Budget (.docx) 

2016-17 Tourism Development Grant
Overview (PDF)
Pre-application (.doc)
Application (.doc)
Project Budget (.doc)

Marketing & PR
Social Media Strategy (PowerPoint)

Co-Op Advertising Program Details (PDF)

PR Publicity Handbook (PDF)
Media/Community Calendars
MHSB Interpretive Management Plan & Design Guide (PDF)
Marketing Content Calendar (XLS)

Feasibilty Studies and Strategic Plans

Oregon Museum of Popular Culture Feasibility Study
Clackamas County Lodging At-A-Glance Report (PDF)
Clackamas Whitewater Features Pre-design Report (PDF)
Heritage and Cultural Tourism Development Plan - Phase 1 (PDF)
Heritage Attraction Overview Database Jan 2013 (,xls)
Clackamas County Heritage Steering Committee 2014 Action Plan (PDF)
Alternative Lodging How-To Guide 2013 (PDF) 

Tourism Research

Inventory Survey for Lodging Partners - 2015
Advertising Effectiveness & Brand Tracking Study (PowerPoint)
Agritourism Master Plan (PDF)
Overnight Visitor Profile Study (PowerPoint)
Overnight Visitor Profile Study Executive Summary (PDF)
Residents / VFR Study Executive Summary (PDF) 
Residents / VFR Study Report (MS PowerPoint req.)
Visitor Information Center Research Project (PDF)