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Catching that first fish at Rainbow Trout Farm

May 17, 2017 | Jarrod Lyman

They say a bad day fishing beats a good day working. What if you could guarantee only a great day fishing? Sound impossible? Not at the Rainbow Trout Farm east of Sandy.

The Rainbow Trout Farm is located on 24 beautiful acres near the Whiskey Creek, a tributary of the Sandy River. They have ten ponds (six currently in use) brimming with rainbow trout. And these fish are hungry! You can hardly get your bait in the water before you feel that tell-tale tug of the line. This isn’t napping on the banks of a river fishing. No, this is constant action, you won’t have time to sit down fishing fun.

The best thing about the Rainbow Trout Farm is you don’t need to bring your own equipment, or even have a fishing license. Since the ponds are all on private property, you can fish there without having to purchase the license. Plus, they provide you with a rod and reel and worms. So if you’re just looking to try fishing without making a big investment, then this is the place for you. Of course you can bring your own tackle if you like, should you have lucky pole or reel. (Not that you’ll need that luck.)

We filmed our latest live video out on the trout farm on May 17 and as always had a blast. Moments after the bait touched the water we were bringing in fish. My first one got away, but the second one was a nice 15 inch trout that put up a fun fight as well. Not to be outdone, young angler Ariel caught her very first fish ever just moments later. She beat me in size, though, as hers was just over 15 inches long. She made some special memories at the Rainbow Trout Farm today, like so many other kids. Perhaps it’s time to plan a trip with your friends and family to do the same?

Watch below to see young Ariel in action, and to learn more about the Rainbow Trout Farm.



Jarrod Lyman

Jarrod Lyman has more than 12 years tourism experience. He is currently loving his job overseeing content for the #omht FacebookInstagramTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest accounts. His work has recently been recognized by the TTRA with the J. Desmond Slattery Professional Marketing Award.

Alternative lodging options in Mt. Hood Territory


Promontory Point

Promontory Point outside of Estacada has beautiful views to go along with it’s great camping options.

For some, the word “vacation” conjures images of a well appointed hotel room with all the amenities as one relaxes in the lap of luxury.  Then there are those who are on the more adventurous side, who prefer to do something different with their valuable vacation time. They look for lodging that’s fun, quirky or just plain different. If that describes you, well then we’ve got you covered.

There are more than 50 campgrounds in Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory ranging from comfortable to rustic. If you want Mt. Hood views, check out Timothy Lake’s many campgrounds. If you’d rather be off the beaten path, then head over to Little Crater Lake. This hidden gem is a spring-fed lake that has the clearest, bluest water you have ever seen. You can peer 40 feet straight to the bottom almost like there’s nothing there. Just don’t get it, it’s cold. Like, Kate Winslett floating on a door telling Leonard Dicaprio to “not let go” cold.

Tiny Home

One of several Tiny Homes at Mt. Hood Village RV Resort. Isn’t it cute?

If you’d like to branch out from traditional camping (too in-tents, maybe?) then reserve a yurt at Promontory Park outside of Estacada. In addition to the 350-acre lake with fishing and other water activities, there’s a one-acre pond where kids under 17 can fish for free. They also offer a number of yurts and yomes (think half dome, half yurt) you can stay in. There’s also several cabins as well as a general store so you can stock up with everything you need right there on site. We’ll provide the gorgeous views and weather so you’re in store for a perfect camping trip.

Mt. Hood Village RV Resort also has a great selection of yurts, but they’re really making waves with their Tiny House village. The homes just opened for business a year ago and have quickly become popular with people looking for a balance of roughing it while still maintaining the comforts of home. Each house has its own unique style and charm all packed into a miniscule footprint. Plus, you’ll have access to all the other amenities that the park has to offer, like an indoor pool and hot tub, plus a cafe and a fitness center to work off the delicious food from the cafe.

With so many options, it’s hard to choose just one. When you do, remember to share your photos on Instagram or Twitter using our #omht hashtag so we can follow along. Or tag us on Facebook too. See you in The Territory!


Jarrod Lyman

Jarrod Lyman has more than 12 years tourism experience. He is currently loving his job overseeing content for the #omht FacebookInstagramTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest accounts. His work has recently been recognized by the TTRA with the J. Desmond Slattery Professional Marketing Award.

Memorial Day Weekend Wine Tasting in Mt. Hood Territory

Courtesy of Kings Raven Winery

Memorial Day weekend, wine tasting specials and expansive views from Mt. Hood Territory wineries…COUNT ME IN!

Memorial Day always falls on the last Monday of May, and many people get this immensely important day of remembrance off from work. This means a long weekend to connect with family and friends, and the wineries of Mt. Hood Territory have made a tradition of offering specialty hours and tastings on this significant weekend.

9 of Mt. Hood Territory’s 15 active wineries are a part of the prestigious Cascade Foothills Winegrowers Association which falls within the Willamette Valley portion of our Clackamas County boundaries. And just this year, the Willamette Valley – Oregon Wine Country was named Wine Region of the Year by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, which is tremendous recognition for the region.

All of the wineries in Mt. Hood Territory have some truly delicious wines and you should definitely make it out to several of the wineries to taste these award winning creations as well as some of their new releases being debuted Memorial Day weekend. Plus, if these high accolades don’t persuade you, the low-priced tasting fees and discounted bottles should.

For your convenience we have listed all the wineries in Mt. Hood Territory that will be open for Memorial Day Weekend with their hours and specials. Enjoy!

Wooden Shoe Vineyards: Open Saturday – Monday, 11 am – 5 pm $5 per tasting flight. $5 per glass. Special pricing on select wines and Wine Wagon Farm Tours.

Whiskey Hill Winery & Postlewait’s Vineyards: Open Friday-Monday, Noon-5 pm. $5 tasting fee waived with purchase.

Villa Catalana Cellars: Open Saturday – Monday, 1 – 4 pm. $10 tasting fee, $5 refundable with purchase of wine, $10 per plate for hors d’oeuvres.

Terra Vina Wines: Open Saturday – Monday, Noon-5 pm. Taste their anxiously awaited new releases. Purchase futures of wines to be released this coming year at fabulous discounts. Enjoy wonderful cheeses & artisan breads.

St. Josef’s Winery: Open Friday – Monday, Noon – 5 pm. Enjoy some great new wine releases including the Kitara Reserve Chardonnay and maybe some new sparkling wines! $5 for tasting flight. Sunday offers live music, BBQ available for purchase and bike ride with the winemaker.

Oswego Hills Vineyard & Winery: Open Saturday  – Monday, Noon – 5 pm.

Kings Raven Winery: Open Friday – Monday, Noon – 5 pm. With special deals.

Hanson Vineyard: Open Saturday – Monday, Noon 5 pm. $5 tasting fee waived with bottle purchase, and a special vertical tasting of library Pinot Noir for $10, plus the release of several new wines.

Forest Edge Vineyard: Open Saturday  – Monday, Noon – 5 pm. No tasting fee, light snacks, half-case and case discounts.

Christopher Bridge: Open Saturday – Monday, Noon – 5 pm. 10 wine line-up, including their 2015 Pinot Noirs. $15 tasting fee includes all wines and hearth-fresh wood-fire pizza. Tasting fee waived with a 3-bottle purchase.

Beckham Estate Vineyard: Open Saturday May 27, 11 am to 5 pm, Friday & Sunday, Noon – 5 pm

Alexeli: Open Saturday – Monday, Noon – 5 pm. Will be introducing their newest releases.

Molly Johnson is on the Marketing Team for Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory.  She assists the team with social media, web content, public relations, co-op advertising and marketing efforts.

Bruno – Timberline Lodge’s new mascot

Timberline Lodge St. Bernard

Bruno, Timberline Lodge’s newest St. Bernard Mascot. Via TimberlineLodge.com

Some days your work has you doing something you may not want to do. And other days, your work requires you to go snuggle a puppy. Today was one of those latter types for me, as I headed up to Timberline Lodge and hung out with Bruno, their St. Bernard Mascot.

This is actually the ninth Bruno that has roamed the halls of Timberline Lodge, much to the delight of guests. The property has had four-legged mascots since 1937 when Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the historic lodge. St. Bernards were the first, as they were renowned for their sense of smell and exceptional tolerance to snow and colder weather. Huskies took over the mantle for a little while, but popular demand brought the beloved St. Bernards back, and a Bruno and Heidi have faithfully served as mascots since the 1960’s.

We filmed an Instagram Live video where we met the rambunctious 12-week old fluff ball, who was very happy to nibble on my hands as we talked. (He’s teething.) His handler, Kim Nyland, carries on the proud tradition of managing Bruno, who gets instant reactions from guests and staff alike, who all take a moment to love on the adorable mascot. He takes the affection in stride, and it’s plainly evident he’ll serve his post well.

We also spoke with marketing head Jon Burton, who gave us a bit of breaking news: All the Timberline season passes, the Fusion Pass and Spring Passes have been extended through Sunday, June 4, with the next day switching over to the summer season. They’ve had a few feet of fresh snow over the past few days with some awesome weather forecast for this weekend. It’s a perfect time to get up to the mountain for some spring skiing, and meet the adorable Bruno while you’re at it, who will be there Saturday entertaining guests.


Jarrod Lyman

Jarrod Lyman has more than 12 years tourism experience. He is currently loving his job overseeing content for the #omht FacebookInstagramTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest accounts. His work has recently been recognized by the TTRA with the J. Desmond Slattery Professional Marketing Award.

Wet winter promises an epic rafting season

April 27, 2017 | Jarrod Lyman
Rafting on the Clackamas River

Clackamas Whitewater Rafting

It’s no secret that the Pacific Northwest is known for rain, and to say this winter has been a wet one is like calling Mt. Hood a hill. All that rain and snow goes somewhere, and that somewhere is our rivers, meaning the already awesome-for-whitewater-rafting Clackamas River is going to be even more epic this year.

Rafting on the Clackamas RiverIn fact the season has started early, as enthusiasts have already been seen making their way down the rapids for which the Clackamas River is known. The best part is that this rafting season should also last longer than normal, meaning an extra time to take advantage of the closest class IV rapids to Portland.

If you want to see some real action, head out to the annual Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival taking place this year May 20 and 21 outside of Estacada. This is the 34th year this prestigious event for river lovers has been held on the mighty Clackamas, and thanks to Mother Nature, this year the festival promises to be a memorable one. Both kayakers, rafters and even standup paddle boarders (SUP) will make their way down the riffles and rapids, showing off their skills in navigating rough water. It’s an amazing event to watch, even if you’re not a paddler.

If you’re looking to take to the water yourself, look for our guides who can help craft an ideal trip for you. Match it with the perfect hotel, campsite or even vacation rental, and you’ve got the makings of a memorable weekend in Mt. Hood Territory.

See you on the river!

(This is a 360 degree video. Click the link to open it up in your Youtube App for best results)

Whitewater Rafting Clackamas River 360 video

Wooden Shoe Extends Tulip Festival

Photo by Instagrammer @sonicscrewdriver

It’s that time of year where your news feed is filled with gorgeous photos of your friends in front of tulips, tractors and on a clear day, Mt. Hood in the background of the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. The cooler than normal spring has extended the growing season, giving you more time to experience this amazing scene for yourself.

Photo by Instagrammer @Adrian_photography_pdx

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is one of the most epic events in Oregon and it comes and goes in a flash. Luckily, the family-owned farm has pushed it back to May 7 this year, so make sure you get out there and try to capture a photo as eye catching as these Instagrammer’s images, and experience all the festival has to offer before it’s over.

The festival offers endless rows of tulips over its 40 acres, tram and hay wagon rides, children’s play area, photo cut-out boards, Cow Train, Tour Train, food carts and the Tulip Market. The large gift shop has numerous souvenirs and a huge variety of tulip bulbs for you to plant at your own yard. If you can’t decide while at the festival, you can grab the 2017 Bulb Catalog and decide once you’re back home.

Make a day of it by bringing a blanket and picnic basket to enjoy lunch in the gardens or purchase a Mt. Angel Sausage and Wooden Shoe label wine to enjoy on your blanket or while walking the tulip fields. (Hint: get a wine sippy cup from the gift shop to sip your wine without spill while navigating through the fields).

Photo by Instagrammer @thepnwtrailblazer

If for some reason you can’t make it to the festival in the next two weeks, you should definitely put it on your calendar for next April. Also mark your calendar for August 18-21 for the once in a lifetime Solar Eclipse. Wooden Shoe is “in the line of totality” and will have an incredible view of the Eclipse as well as a full weekend of fun-filled activities and dry camping. View the Eclipse Farm Tour Passport to learn about all the offerings and how to sign up before the spots are sold out.

The photogenic Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm and Vineyards is a wonderful place for a family and friend get-together or a romantic stroll with your sweetie. No matter rain or shine, the colors are always awe-inspiring and the atmosphere is inspirational.



Molly Johnson is on the Marketing Team for Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory.  She assists the team with social media, web content, public relations, co-op advertising and marketing efforts.





Clackamas County Arts Alliance announces 5th Annual ART EXTRAVAGANZA

Following is a press release from the Clackamas County Arts Alliance.

For the fifth consecutive year, the Clackamas County Arts Alliance will present ART EXTRAVAGANZA on April 22, 2017, 10am-4 pm, at the Providence Willamette Falls Community Center on 15th & Washington Streets in Oregon City.
Art Extravaganza is an Arts Alliance signature event featuring a vendor trade show for two and three-dimensional artists. This event provides artists, educators, students and all art enthusiasts an opportunity test, try and buy new and favorite art supplies and tools.
A one-day “pop-up” store created by The Merri Artist, with a variety of art supplies available for sale during the show.
The trade show is FREE and open to the public! Door prizes will be offered throughout the day. Four special Lecture Demonstrations and a Hands-on Workshop in various media will be offered. CERF+ The Artists Safety Net will lead a panel discussion. There will also be a kids hands-on activity table! Register now – limited space available!
More information at clackamasartsalliance.org.

Trail Distilling Receives Two Silver Medals at ADI’s 2017 Competition

Following is a press release from Trail Distilling

The First Distillery in the First City West of the Mississippi Since Prohibition

(Oregon City, OR, April 6, 2017) – First City Vodka and Trillium Gin received Silver Medals at the American Distilling Institute’s 2017 Judging Competition. “This is a great honor for Trail Distilling. We’ve been open five months and to get this recognition at the largest and most respected international competition is an honor” said Sara Brennan, Co-Owner.

First City Vodka, named after Oregon City’s namesake, is hand crafted from wheat, triple filtered and passed through limestone creating a soft landing on the palate. Trillium Gin, a citrus and floral forward gin, contains fourteen botanicals and took over a year to develop.

Trail Distilling will release First City Rum soon. Their rye whiskey growing at their nearby family’s farm will be distilled early summer and put into barrels for aging. They are also barrel aging Trillium Gin for a release within the year.

Spirit enthusiasts and new comers alike can find Trail Distilling conveniently located on Hwy 213, in Oregon City, the end of the Oregon Trail. Their 8,500 square foot building contains a dual column reflux German still and inviting Tasting Room where their spirits can be tasted and purchased as well as other merchandise. The Tasting Room is located at 21553 S Hwy 213 in Oregon City and open Fridays 12:00 – 7:00, Saturdays & Sundays 12:00-6:00 or by appointment. It is also available for private and corporate events.

About Trail Distilling®. Located at the end of the Oregon Trail, Trail Distilling® is the home of the First Distillery in the First City West of the Mississippi Since Prohibition and produces the finest in premium spirits. Our award winning products are handcrafted, beginning with clear Cascadian glacial water and naturally-harvested grains. Trail Distilling® is a certified farm distillery and registered trademark of Trails End Spirits, LLC. Find your own trail with Trail Distilling®. www.traildistilling.com/main.html

Ski free on Sunday for Skibowl’s Customer Appreciation Day

April 12, 2017 | Jarrod Lyman
Mt. Hood Skibowl

Following is a press release from Mt. Hood Skibowl.


Mt. Hood Skibowl

18th Annual Customer Appreciation Day–you can ski or board free on Sunday–but why not donate four cans of food for the Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division as well?


(Government Camp, OR—April 12th, 2017) – Sunday, April 16th will mark the final day of skiing and riding operations at Mt. Hood Skibowl for the 2016/2017 season, and everyone can enjoy FREE lift tickets during the 18th Annual Customer Appreciation Day.

Mt. Hood Skibowl“The last full day of the season is our traditional Customer Appreciation Day, no strings attached, and as in recent years, we would like to suggest a donation of 4 cans of food to benefit the Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division”, said Kirk Hanna, President of Skibowl.  The Sunshine Division provides emergency food boxes to local families in need.  For 29 years, Skibowl has partnered with the Portland Sunshine Division, collecting food for lift tickets during the major Ski for Sunshine event each winter as well as other times throughout the year.   Over 58 tons of food has been collected by Skibowl from the event.

The massive winter snowfall of over 300” has resulted in outstanding spring ski conditions.  With no crowds and almost 80” of snow for a base, this is the best spring skiing in almost 10 years. Hawaiian shirts are encouraged!

Operating hours on Sunday are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The spring operating hours for the rest of the weekend are Friday 4/14 3:00pm to 10:00pm and Saturday 4/15 9:00am to 10:00pm.  Cosmic Tubing™ will be open Friday and Saturday 5:00pm to 10:00pm, with day tubing open Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

After Skibowl closes for the season, the staff will transform the ski area into the Mt. Hood Adventure Park at Skibowl. Known as Oregon’s Most Exciting Summer Attraction, the Adventure Park features the Northwest’s only ½ mile dual Alpine Slide and over 20 attractions where you are in control, as well as the area’s largest lift assisted Mountain Bike Park.

Mt. Hood Skibowl is America’s Largest Night Ski Area and the closest ski resort to Portland, less than an hour east on Highway 26 in Government Camp.  For up to date information and spring operating hours, check out www.skibowl.com or call the info line at 503-222-BOWL (2695)

Spring is here: hit the ground biking

Cycling Mt. Hood Territory

Cycling Mt. Hood Territory

With spring finally arriving in Mt. Hood Territory, bike enthusiasts are ready to take to the many trails. The best part is you don’t have to go far to find great rides, as many of the cities and communities in Mt. Hood Territory have some awesome options for cycling.

For a ride filled with variety, check out the Canby Ferry Classic. It’s a 25-mile loop that includes both urban and countryside scenery, roads with both flat and hilly stretches and a cruise on the Canby Ferry, one of only three ferries still in operation in Oregon.

Family bike rideAnother fun historic route is the Trolley Trail. The ride follows a path once used by the streetcar rail line that ran from Oregon City to Portland back in 1893. It ran until 1958, and is now only used by bike riders as well as hikers. It also has some beautiful picnic spots, perfect for a break while enjoying your ride.

The Tri-Park Trip is a scenic ride that takes you through three different area parks, as the name suggests. Starting north of Lake Oswego at Tryon Creek Park, the course winds its way through the city before coming to George Rogers Park, home of the historic iron smelter. The path continues along through the beautiful Marylhurst University campus and then ending at Mary S Young State Park. There you’ll find even more beautiful, forested trails.

For a challenging ride, take to the Cascading Rivers Scenic Bike Trail. Running from the town of Estacada all the way to Detroit, the path follows the Clackamas and Breitenbush rivers. Ride next to roaring rapids and thundering waterfalls while Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson overlook areas of the trail.

If you’re looking to combine your cycling with other activities, check out the tours offered by The Bike Concierge. Their Oregon City Wine Tour takes you to three wineries near Oregon City for a tasting you’ll never forget. Their accompanying support vehicle will also carry any purchases you make, so you can come home with a bottle or three of your latest wine finds. The Brew Tour lets you craft (get it?) a custom tour from five craft breweries and three growler fill stations. The Farm Loop tours take you along some of the many farms in Mt. Hood Territory, where you’ll see brilliant flowers, fresh vegetables and friendly animals.

There are still more cycling opportunities throughout Mt. Hood Territory. Check out the biking page for some more ideas. Add in a great hotel or even vacation rental to make it the perfect bike-based vacation.

Jarrod Lyman

Jarrod Lyman has more than 12 years tourism experience. He is currently loving his job overseeing content for the #omht FacebookInstagramTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest accounts. His work has recently been recognized by the TTRA with the J. Desmond Slattery Professional Marketing Award.